Comprehensive Physicals at Corner Clinic

At Corner Clinic, our experienced medical professionals work diligently to provide thorough physical examinations tailored to your individual needs.

Types of Physicals

*Physicals are fee for service and are NOT covered by insurance.

Camp Physicals

Planning a fun-filled camp adventure for your child? Ensure their safety with a camp physical at Corner Clinic. Many camps require a comprehensive physical to ensure your child is healthy and ready for activities. Our detailed evaluations check for any underlying health issues that could interfere with camp activities, review immunization records, and provide the necessary documentation to satisfy camp requirements. With our expert care, your child will be set for a safe and healthy camp experience.

Employment Physicals

Starting a new job often requires an employment physical to confirm your ability to perform work-related tasks. At Corner Clinic, we provide basic pre-employment physicals. Our examinations ensure you meet all employer standards. Let us help you take the first steps confidently into your new career with our comprehensive employment physical services.

School Physicals

School physicals are indispensable for ensuring your child is healthy, updated on necessary immunizations, and ready to excel in the academic year. At Corner Clinic, we understand the importance of a hassle-free physical that fits into your busy schedule. Trust Corner Clinic to help your child start the school year strong and healthy.

Sports Physicals

Is your child gearing up for a sports season? A sports physical is essential to confirm their fitness for athletic activities and prevent sports-related injuries. At Corner Clinic, we conduct comprehensive sports physicals that evaluate your child’s cardiovascular health, joint flexibility, and overall physical condition. Our medical experts will also address any past concerns or injuries, ensuring your young athlete is ready to perform at their best. Empower your child to succeed on the field with a thorough sports physical from Corner Clinic.

Physicals NOT Offered

We do not offer wellness exams, annual exams, or Healthy You exams. We also do not offer DOT physicals or workman’s comp exams. If you would like any of the exams mentioned, please arrange them with your primary care physician.

Treatment Approach

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Walk-in Physicals at Corner Clinic

At Corner Clinic, we offer walk-in physicals, ensuring you don’t have to wait for an appointment to receive the care or consultation you need.

Meet Our Providers

Leslie Houston, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Leslie Houston, NP, is a dedicated nurse practitioner who grew up in hazlehurst, Mississippi. Since the opening of the Corner Clinic, Leslie has been a co-owner and a full-time nurse practitioner, bringing her passion for patient care and management expertise to the team.

Jenny Wright, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Jenny Wright is a compassionate and dedicated nurse practitioner originally from Hazlehurst, Mississippi. Having called the Flowood area home for over 20 years, Jenny has deep roots in the community and is committed to serving its healthcare needs.

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